– Something more about me –


I’m, first of all, a great enthusiast of science and technology. I’ve started to grow these passions when i was ten, and now they are still my passion but moreover my work.

Many people ask me what motivates me to spend sleepless nights on a range of projects, from the development of electronics, to the related firmware: I’m not sure about that, but i feel with no doubt the pleasure in finding innovative solutions, solve puzzles and problems, improving processes and third party applications. It’s a difficult world, but if it were easy, would not attract me that much.

I have a good experience, talking about work, in these areas:
Creating and maintaining websites (using JAVA, CSS, HTML, PHP)
– Software development under Windows
Development of embedded hardware and firmware
– Development of mechanical components with 3D prototypes and technical drawings
– Research and development of technologically advanced products
– Precision and design 3d cad modeling for jewelery or mechanical parts
– High-power laser cutting: plane, pipe lasers, 3d
– Registration and maintenance of Italian / International Patents
As for passion, my hobbies are:
– Astronomy
– 3D Prints
– Scientific publication through websites and social
– Using editing photos and video software (Photoshop, Pinnacle, Adobe Premiere)
– Glider pilot (GPL licence)